Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Past Life Regression Therapy

Today I'd like to take a moment to look at the concept of past life regression. There are many philosophies in the world, and the concept that this life is but one of several that any given soul will ultimately live is an ancient philosophy indeed. Many have found that taking the notion of reincarnation seriously has positively effected their lives to break cycles, give them a new lease on life, and allow them to take on challenges with a whole new life of experiences.

The term "old soul" is one that many people use to describe someone with the maturity and experience that seems to go along with a person who has experienced several lives. An old soul is said to have had several lifetimes worth of chances to learn about the world and exhibits a sort of wisdom beyond that seems uncanny. The wisdom they exhibit ultimately leads to several people benefiting from their advice.

The idea of past life regression first came as a result of the Hindu scholar Patanjali and his theory of past lives causing effects that would eventually accumulate in later lives. Those who held a level of positive or negative karma from past lives would be affected by these karmic accumulations. If an individual was not properly in tune with his or her past the future could be affected either adversely or not to their full potential. It was Madame Blavatsky who later would bring the notion into popularity in the later part of the nineteenth century.

The most important thing to remember is that when looking into your past life you have only yourself as a reference at first. There will be many tempting images of far off glorious conquerers. The goal is to get in touch with your deeper self to help you better understand yourself. In order to enter this state of mind, remember that our entrainment therapy has been specially designed to match the brainwave patterns of those undergoing successful past life regressions.

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Past life regression essentially works as a form of cognitive hypnotherapy similar to those used to help a patient who is experiencing repressed memories. Our past life regression works to tap into the vein of this form of consciousness without relying on the leading questions that can result in the formation of misleading or outright false memories. Several people believe, for example, that they are a reincarnation of Cleopatra, Napoleon Bonaparte, or Abraham Lincoln as a result of their environments. But it seems far more likely that the vast majority of people would be reincarnated from a mass of equally important but largely unknown figures both historical and forgotten to the sands of time. The goal of past life regression is not to influence the ego into thinking the older soul is one of an archetype of historical figures, but rather to put those with memories in touch with their true selves.

Whether the concept of a soul connected to this Earth can be proven in scientific terms or not, the real points of interest are the results they show for those who benefit from making contact with themselves on a level deeper than can be achieved through conventional means. It's not always clear why it works so well for some, but one must look only to one of the most well thought of mathematicians of all time, Pythagoras to understand why past life progression is so important. Pythagoras told many of his colleagues of being in touch with experiences he had gained in previous lifetimes even while developing some of the most important mathematical theorems of all time.

Article by Jim McElwee

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