Sunday, July 25, 2010

Conscious Projection Technique

After you're settled and ready to go to sleep, tell yourself that you are going to catch yourself in the act of going to sleep and then lift up out of your physical body. You must be very clear about your intent. You're going to let your body sleep, you(mind) will remain alert throughout the entire method. Tell yerself you will retain consciousness even while your body going to be in the "trance" of sleep. Now you will have to watch yourself go to sleep.

Trying to stay too alert may interfere with your efforts, so a smooth sort of alertness is what is going to work the best. Just let yourself relax into sleep and watch the process. You must learn to recognize the rather strange, distinctive sensations you feel as your body moves into the sleep state and must stay aware as this unfolds. At a certain point, you'll realize that you're in a hypnogogic state.(state between waking and sleeping)

Instead of watching yourself going to sleep, you could give yerself the suggestion that you will pay attention as soon as you start feeling your body to get numb, and then just let your mind drift. Your suggestions could be anything that you are comfortbale with.

Mine is I will become alert and aware in the middle of falling asleep and I will lift out of my physical body.Once you succeed in catching yourself in the hypnogogic state, you will still be in body and to get out all you'll have to do is will yerself out. Its that simple, it seems like a lot but it is easy once you get the hang of it. It took me almost to days to get very good results.

Tips by Forest Dragon

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