Sunday, May 30, 2010

Understanding Astral Sex

If two people can project at the same time, they can meet out of body, and interact on an energy level,and enjoy much greater pleasure than is possible with purely physical sex. They can merge completely together, and become one with each other. This enables them to make fantasies become real shared experiences. They can experience a union that is more complete than what is limited by the physical.It is completely on a pure energy level.

I have also read that a woman who can project, can also interact with a man in physical form, and who is not projecting. She can take astral substance from him, and enjoy sexual pleasure. A man however is more limited. He can visit someone who is not out of body, and still gain a great deal of emotional pleasure, but he can't experience the sexual pleasure. He can of course still meet with a woman who is also out of body as explained above, and in that case he will benefit from both the physical and emotional aspects.

Astral sex can calrify a physical relationship, opening areas of communication unavailable to us when in physical form, and strengthen the bond between two lovers.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OBE Fears And Overcoming Them

Probably the largest obstacle to overcome while learning conscious projection is fear. There are several reasons for this and the root of the problem goes back to what we were taught as a society, beginning straight on from childhood.

Some of the common fears:
*Not being able to get back,
*Encountering negative entities,
*Demonic or Spirit Possesions,
*Fears of Death,
*Fears of the unknown.

The Facts:

Many people have experienced conscious OBEs all of their lives with no negative effects,It is believed that we OBE every night anyway, but just do not remember it consciously,The vast majority of experiencers try to do it again, For some it is proof of life past physical death!

Some ways to combat irrational fears:Through nightly positive affirmations that you will overcome your fears, Through knowledge of the facts presented above, And Through Faith!

Here is an affirmation that you can recite every night before you go to sleep:

"I am a spiritual being and so I exist beyond my physical shell. I will not fear that which is a part of me."

Imagine millions of tiny strands wound together, infinately stretchable, carrying the precious cargo of your energy scource, nurturing you while in this physical existence. Some describe it as being silver and shimmering, and maybe even translucent. This is what connects you to you physical body while you are
projecting.This cord can not be severed while out-of-body and only loses its connection to the physical when death occurs.

You may or may not see it during a projection and whether or not you do is normal, however know that it is always there! If you want to look for it while out-of-body, look behind you. It will be connected to the base of your skull.

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The Mental Plane & Projection

The next plane above the Astral Plane, is called the Mental Plane. It is a plane full of rainbows of vivid colors. It would be an impossible task to try and rationalize this place. This plane as can be described from its name and is full of thoughts, dreams, and ideas, which are manifested as real objects. Those who find themselves here could be traveling through and witnessing their own thoughts, or the thoughts of others. It is a place of peace and utter bliss.

The Mental plane is divided into two parts, the Lower Mental Plane and the Higher Mental Plane. Since the Lower Mental Plane overlaps the Astral Plane, they can often be confused for one another. The boundary between the Lower and Upper Mental planes is also the boundary of what is referred to as the Lower Self and the Higher Self.

Time here is distorted even more than it is in the Astral Plane and it is possible to see future or past events. The Mental Plane is harder to reach than the previous two, but nonetheless it is achievable during an Out-Of-Body Experience. Traveling to and above the Mental Plane, is referred to as Mental Projection, the third and last type of Out-Of-Body Experience.

Exploring The Different Types Of OBEs

The term ‘Out-Of-Body Experience’ is used as a more broad description which includes all of the different types of conscious experiences that fall under it. It simply describes the perspective of being consciously outside of the physical body. There are however different types of OBEs that can occur, but to explain them we need to understand the concept of our existence on multiple levels. The Universe is not solely the physical realm that we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell. It is made up of differentlevels of reality. These levels are known as the planes of existence.

The body is also much more than the physical part, and it is these other parts which enable us to interact with the higher planes of existence during life and to continue to survive there after physical death. These levels are connected to each other and to the planes of existence through energy fields or
conduits called ‘chakras‘. Just as the planes vibrate at different levels, so do the chakra energy centers and they can be seen or sensed as different color emenations.

The seven chakra centers when in balance are thought to provide a free flow of the life energy in us all.They influence health, well being, emotions, and help form a connection to the nonphysical world as well. That is why chakra balancing exercises are often performed before attempting to induce an Out-Of-Body Experience.

The projection of the consciousness to different planes of existence and interacting using the body’scorresponding nonphysical parts called ‘subtle bodies’ is what makes up the different types of Out-Of-Body Experiences. Some of the planes are accessible through an OBE, while others are very much above our limit of reach. There is said to be seven steps back to God or creation, and so there are seven planes
of existence, and also seven chakra energy centers; Seven really IS a magickal number!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Astral Projection for Beginners

Have you ever wondered if it would be possible to have an astral projection? Do you really want to enter the astral plane? If finding the “other you” was a long kept dream for you, any solution that would help in astral projection is sure to make you happy.

Once it was believed that the astral plane is not accessible to human beings, and some dedicated rituals that can be mastered only through years of efforts is the only possible way to achieve the access level. Nothing was changed even after the astral realm was exposed to the public and those long kept secrets were unveiled by someone. The “why” factor behind this state was nothing but the remnants of some beliefs that “this is not for me” or “I don’t deserve the access to the astral plane which is accessed by the spiritual gurus who can pull themselves down to the depth of such energy filled zones”. Still, the real change happened when some modern tools that were meant to teach people what Astral projection is and how anyone can access this level via some simple, scientific techniques.

No matter if you are an experienced guy or a mere stranger to Astral plane, you will be aware of the fact that Astral plane is a different world which makes spiritual communication possible at a deep bottom level. How will it look like if you can talk to your distant friends and family without going to them? If this makes sense, there are possible ways.

Astral Projection For Beginners – 5 Things Beginners Must Learn

Summary: Anybody can astral project, even you! There are zillions of resources on astral travelling for beginners, which you can safely use. Before you do so, you are required to learn how to relax, focus, and control your thoughts. Read on for more.

If you want to astral project, you must understand that astral projection is easy; anybody can do it! In other words, astral projection is not a special gift given to a chosen few. Even you can astral project, given that you have the patience, grit, determination, and the will to do so. There are plenty of resources on astral projection for beginners.


This is one of the basic astral projection tips for beginners. Learn as much as possible from books, eBook, articles, and so on. Once you know everything about astral projection, you can successfully discard all fears, misunderstandings, and misconceptions you might have about the subject. Such negativities will only hinder your progress.

2.Train Your Mind

Train your mind to be still. Request people to stay away from you for some time. Go to a quiet place and become conscious of the noises inside your head. Examine your troubles, problems, hopes, and desires. Seek solutions to these problems and let them go. It doesn’t matter if the solution seems absurd; just take it as an excuse to let go of your problem.

Training one’s mind requires tremendous time and patience, and you must practice everyday in order to achieve it.


Complete relaxation is important because astral projection happens only when the body is fully asleep and the mind is fully awake. Adopt a relaxation technique that suits you and learn how to relax each and every muscle of your body.

4.Improve Your Concentration

You will never be able to astral project if you cannot focus on what you are doing. There are plenty of concentration-enhancing exercises that you can do.

For instance, focus on a boring sound. Avoid listening to music because it is easier to focus on music. Listen to something boring such as the ticking of a clock and train your mind to focus on it. Alternatively, you can gaze at the flame of a candle and gently push those stray thoughts away.

5.Use An Exit Technique

Once you have become good at the above points, you then need an Astral projection technique that you can use to come out of the body. There are many good techniques available. So use the one that suits you.

With practice you will find yourself out of your body, exploring the astral realms! And it can really be a wonderful experience.

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