Sunday, May 30, 2010

Understanding Astral Sex

If two people can project at the same time, they can meet out of body, and interact on an energy level,and enjoy much greater pleasure than is possible with purely physical sex. They can merge completely together, and become one with each other. This enables them to make fantasies become real shared experiences. They can experience a union that is more complete than what is limited by the physical.It is completely on a pure energy level.

I have also read that a woman who can project, can also interact with a man in physical form, and who is not projecting. She can take astral substance from him, and enjoy sexual pleasure. A man however is more limited. He can visit someone who is not out of body, and still gain a great deal of emotional pleasure, but he can't experience the sexual pleasure. He can of course still meet with a woman who is also out of body as explained above, and in that case he will benefit from both the physical and emotional aspects.

Astral sex can calrify a physical relationship, opening areas of communication unavailable to us when in physical form, and strengthen the bond between two lovers.

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