Friday, April 30, 2010

Understand Lucid Dreaming

Dreaming is a phenomenon that all of us experience. However most often than not, we wake up to question of what we dreamt and why we dreamt certain things and sometimes even wondered why there were unconnected strings in our dreams – like a badly directed movie! How nice it would be if you could dream of what you want to dream and how you want your dream to progress? This is the phenomenon of lucid dreaming and if you thought that was difficult – then you are wrong. This is quite possible and if you are keen to know how – read on.

Dreaming, waking up, sleeping all events that are controlled by the brain and the brain in turn is controlled by the various frequency levels that operate in and around the physical being. So what are the frequencies that you need to bother about to dreaming or rather lucid dreaming that is even more interesting? The alpha frequency state is the state when you are very much awake and active. Then you should know of the theta frequency range which is when you are capable of dreaming. Delta frequency prevails when you are fast asleep.

So, when you are sleeping, your brain is in the delta stage and once it reaches a high, it gets into the next frequency level of theta where the process of dreaming begins. These dreams are the ones that you have no control on – so where and how is lucid dreaming possible? Once you reach the theta level, you need to have enough expertise to pick up the alpha frequency whereby you are awake – but immediately you need to drop back to the theta state even before you are fully awake. So what has happened now is that you are awake but you are not! The truth is that since you went into the alpha frequency state, you did wake up and so did your subconscious, but then since you dropped back into theta you shall continue to dream. Since you are awake and aware of the fact, you realize you are dreaming while you are dreaming and hence you have the power to control this whole activity because of this realization. It is truly a privilege to dream what you want to dream and achieve in your dreams what is not possible in practical life.

Now that you have understood that the whole key to lucid dreaming is the ability to change frequencies, if there is an external stimulator to help, it is definitely good. You can try the Lucid dreaming binaural belt that will help you get to a stage of lucid dreaming easily. It also depends on when you try on this belt for better results. It is most ideal if you wake up from your deep slumber and go back again into the state of blissful sleep while you are on this binaural belt. Your sub conscious will awaken but then since you start sleeping again, you will be able to dream – so you will know you are dreaming, while you are on the job.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spiritual Prosperity

We all know what prosperity means. To most of us prosperity only means huge wealth accumulation. A person who is rich and famous is prosperous. That’s what most of us think. It is not our fault, because we have been made to believe that prosperity is linked only to wealth.

However, before getting into how to achieve prosperity, we should first know what is meant by prosperity. One of my friends is a multi millionaire, however he is chronically ill. He feels very diffident about himself and approaches life meekly. Can we call him prosperous just for the fact that he owns millions of money? Almost all of us will answer a big “NO” to this question. This is proof enough for the fact that money alone does not mean prosperity. Prosperity has many components. Some of them (strictly in order of priority) are good health, peace of mind, optimism, enthusiasm to work, confidence, mutual love for fellow humans and finally money.
Prosperity is a very broad term comprising of all these. Only when one has atleast some of all these components, one can claim to be prosperous. The website gives a list of various kinds of software available for mind power and happiness. There is software for prosperity as well, that is advertised in this website. This software can be easily downloaded at a very reasonable price. It contains certain frequency recordings at particular beats. When downloads the software, he will be able to listen to these beats clearly. These waves, when heard frequently tend to give utmost optimism levels to the brain helping us to face life confidently.

Prosperity is achieved effectively due the positive energy of these sound waves. We sometimes fall sick or tend to lose our confidence because of the blockages in our brain. These frequencies mainly aim at clearing off these blockages. These, when cleared, frees the brain and gives it enough space to store positive thoughts. The length of our lives does not matter at all. It is how we live, that makes a big difference. People should feel happy to approach us. We should spread happiness where we go. That defines prosperity and it is got by listening to these soothing waves frequently.

As prosperity increases, the quality of life increases proportionately. At the workplace, one tends to exhibit more enthusiasm and energy. He becomes more open minded to learn new things and accepts changes as they come. Accepting change, and knowing that change is the only permanent thing in life, is also prosperity. Once this realization happens, nothing can affect us. Similarly prosperity reduces hatred among people. We learn to love and respect people as they are and we do not expect them to change for us. Our tolerance level increases and we learn to live in cooperation with one another. Money is the final part of prosperity. People who have money are rarely diffident. This confidence comes due to prosperity of other factors. Confident people can achieve anything in life. We just have to take the first step to learn to live in prosperity.

Spiritual Discernment - Get Help From The Other Side

As you strongly consider practicing spiritual discernment for your own personal personal growth development, know that you owe it to yourself to learn how to use the best possible methods for contacting your spirit guide. Does this make sense to you? You see, the pure definition of spiritual discernment is asking the Holy Spirit to lead you or give you direction concerning a situation in your life. Just about every religion on the planet has accepted the truth that our spirits live on after death. However, there's not many who believe in the psychic phenomena of communicating with these spirits. Psychic mediums do it all the time and in all honesty, so are you - you simply aren't aware of it.

Don't worry, by the time you are finished reading this article, you'll discover how to contact your spirit guide and master spiritual discernment. A psychic medium knows better than anyone that we are never alone. While you go about your day-to-day business, spiritual guides are there supporting you, loving you, understanding you better than you could ever understand yourself. The Other Side is the place where our spirits originate and where they go when we die. A psychic medium is able to tune into a wide range of vibrational frequencies, making it easy to concentrate and commune with the spirit world.

This amazing spiritual transformation can be experienced by you, in the here and now. Concentrating on your own psychic abilities will allow you to tap into help from the other side. And a psychic medium can help make the picture even clearer for you. Start living consciously and choose patience and spiritual discernment. Search it until you begin to experience comfort and ease in your decision to listen to the other side. Spiritual guides are constantly active, stimulated and ready to go to work on your behalf. Through energy you can commune with your spirit guide. If you are unsure of how to do this, use an expert a psychic medium to aid in your personal growth and change. Take advantage of the spiritual wisdom that will come from the other side.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Instant Manifestation

I am sure we have all heard the phrase – if you think you can, you can! Such is the power of the mind. We become what we think we would become. That is why so much has been said about positive thinking and how we need to eliminate or free ourselves from these negative thoughts that torment us and prove to be hurdles to our successes. There are so many biographies and autobiographies of successful people who have gone on to state the same thing – they could get to where they got – simply because they dared to dream and dream big at that!

This is a simple hint for us to lead happy and peaceful lives. We need to realize that everything that happens or does not happen has no direct impact on us. Just like we can’t control things that happen, we need to ensure that we don’t get bogged down by what is not in our control. Instead if we just start thinking positive and keep telling ourselves that we will be able to get through whatever it is and that one day everything – be it pain or sorrow or misery or misfortune or debt will pass and believe in it – then definitely it will pass.
We’ve seen so many of our own colleagues and friends who are so different and unique from each other. Almost everybody have their own set of tribulations and troubles and yet we see that some of them are able to get over it easily than the other set of the public. We may call it happy go lucky or the blessings from above or their good fate – while the truth actually lies in the fact that they believed in themselves – they believed that they could get out of the disturbing situation and eventually they did.

So – if you are one of them who have a lot of self doubt and low self confidence, then you need to try binaural beats. This helps boost your positive thinking, whereby you can feel good about yourself – be it what you are, or what you possess or what you can achieve. This binaural beat helps to instigate the positive forces in you and let them prevail in your whole being – by sending out positive electric frequencies. So what happens in time, is that you develop a whole new look and are stunned at your own positive thinking and optimism levels!

There are so many people who have tried this and felt their life change for the better and I have been recommending this to everyone because it simply worked for me! You would not have believed that I could be what I am today if you had seen me before I started using this product. I was the epitome of negative thinking and pessimism. My friends and even my own sister was sick and tired of me and then she introduced me to this and it definitely has impacted me so much. Now I think positive and feel I am an amazing individual – you could feel so too, if you start thinking like me!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

These Tips Could Help You Contact Your Spirit Guide Instantly

As you probably already know, there are several different ways to pick up on a response or ways to receive direct communication from your spirit guide. The key is to determine which method of response you naturally tune in to. You see, when you hear from your spirit guide, they will not talk to you in the way you are accustomed. They won't speak using vocal chords mouth words. Spirit guides operate on the premise of energy. All you have to do is tune in to their frequency and the answers you are seeking will be revealed.

Here's just a sample of what you may experience:

(1) Clairvoyance: An image in your mind

(2) Clairaudience: A warm, tingling feeling in the pit of your stomach or chills up your spine

(3) Clairsentience: Signs, symbols or synchronicities that show up in your life

The toughest part is interpretation. And this is where a reliable intuitive comes into play. These people have developed the necessary skills that allow them to receive and translate communication from the other side. You may also be wondering just who you should call on to get specific answers and solutions to immediate problems. If you fear for your life, ask the arch angels for help. Everyone knows of the power of the Arch Angel Michael. He would be the ideal choice in this situation. For healing, call on Raphael for guidance. If you simply want to spend some time talking with God, just direct your thoughts to your version of him - which you may call Source, Love, Oneness or many other names.

If you would like a change in your life such as following a new career path or starting a new relationship, contact your spirit guide. To take a look inward and see who you really are, have a little talk with your higher self. And if you are interested in learning more about what to expect on other planets or dimensions, a high vibration celestial being is who you should communicate with. With meditation, concentration and diligence, you will be able to contact your spirit guide for help in time of need. Simply notice what frequency you need to tune in to and wait for amazing revelations to show up in your day-to-day life.

They're always trying to communicate with us. We just need to listen. The most powerful block put in place by society can be removed with our Spirit Guide Recordings, and you too can start leading a more spiritually sound life guided by your own personal spirit guide.

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Looking For A Rich Source Of Information About Your Spirit Guide?

You may be surprised to learn that each one of us has a spirit guide. This is someone we were extremely close to. This is someone we trusted whole-heartedly with our soul on the other side. Your spirit guide agreed to be your perpetual, watchful companion and helpmate the moment you chose to experience another lifetime on earth.

Here's something else you need to know...spirit guides are the best friends you have ever had. The thing is that they lived in another dimension. All spirit guides have experienced at least one life here. What this means for you is that they are able to empathize with the fears, temptations, mistakes and problems that you will face in this physical world.

On rare occasions, contacting your spirit guide puts you in touch with the healing energy of an ancestor or someone you have shared a past life with. Your relationship with spiritual guides was formed between your spirit and theirs on the other side, so it's virtually impossible for you them to be a person you've known in this lifetime. When you contact your spirit guide, their job will be to guide you on their life path.

They will gently nudge, encourage, advise, and support you. They have the closest bond with your inner spirit who is the very essence of who you are. Even though the cares of this world have stopped you from living consciously, your spirit guide knows you better than you know yourself.

Your spirit guides healing energy will help you get back on track. They can be in more than one place at time and have direct access to God's divine knowledge. Spirit guides are only concerned with your spirits not your various bodily functions. Spirit guides are not here to interfere with your free will and choices you make. However, they will offer possible alternatives and warnings.

Their job is not to shield you from the lessons you need to learn. Expect your spirit guide to communicate with you in various ways. All you have to do is be quiet and listen. Pay attention to the messages that flow through to your subconscious mind. Ask your spirit guide for help, advice and reassurance as often as you need to and specific.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Christ Consciousness

Christ consciousness is not religion centric or particular to a certain sect of people. This is for anybody and everybody who wants to raise above the normal characteristics of an individual feel a sense of a great awakening deep within and attain a spiritual high within. This self awakening process is what makes us more human and in fact more godly. This is indeed the dream of every living individual and it should be possible if we really want to get there. The first and most important step that needs to be put forth to this Christ consciousness is a very high level of evolutionary development. This high level of evolutionary development is what forms the base to Christ consciousness and once this is achieved, one becomes truly great.

What is this evolutionary development? Just like the theory of evolution where the monkeys transformed into men is this also some sort of evolution to a higher level? Apparently not, this evolutionary development is the one that is the culmination of the application of spiritual knowledge in normal everyday life. This is of course not as easy as said, and this being said, it is not tough either. With due diligence and effort almost anybody can achieve evolutionary development that will automatically lead you to our ultimate goal – Christ consciousness.

Evolutionary development will mandate you to follow the very rules of any of the prescribed religions and more important will be the method that you opt to apply this knowledge to your life day in and day out and all other simple, mundane tasks. When you are into evolutionary development, you might have to strictly swear by certain humane characteristics and some of these would include being patient in life, being true at any of life’s instances, being humble all through and forgiving your own fellow men. If you practice these qualities you are automatically getting into the sphere of evolutionary development and Christ consciousness is sure to follow. Practicing these characteristics might be difficult for a start, but once you start then there is no holding back. You should be able to do it in style then.

The binaural beat will help you to fine tune your mind to these high frequencies – normal awake state is achieved in beta frequency. Since Christ consciousness happens at a higher level of awakening involving evolutionary development, the trick here is to process the higher beta frequency and that is exactly what the binaural beat sets out to establish. Since the beat produces these high beta frequency beats, the individual experiences a high level of awakening within him that slowly leads to evolutionary development. This is a slow progress but with practice, we are sure to achieve this Christ consciousness quickly. Once the mind gets tuned to adjusting and reading these high frequency beta waves, it becomes very easy to get to a high level of self awakening that will lead to high spiritual development and what follows is nothing but the state of Christ consciousness.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

Shaman Consciousness

If you thought being psychic or having some extra natural power was eerie, then it is time you change that outlook. Today, there are researches and studies that go all the way out to prove that it is quite possible and feasible for the human brain to understand and know a lot of things that are above the normal limits. Science and technology don’t give you all the answers and there are still certain themes and concepts that defy the common laws of logic and reasoning. That is why there are still certain unexplored and unexplained facts that we see in our day to day life that is apart from our reasoning abilities.

ESP or extra sensory projection is one such common phenomenon that has been accepted worldwide as a special power that certain human beings do possess. The most common explanation that we are able to provide for this is that they are able to get their brains and the mind function at an extreme frequency that most of the commoners are not able to even dream of and this is what in turns helps them receive the ‘signals’.
The ability of some of our very own folks to receive these signals in the first place and then decipher them to meaningful messages is indeed an art and is definitely praiseworthy. Though there are quite a few paranormal abilities that can be a big study in itself, let’s limit ourselves to the discussion on the extra sensory projections. All said and done, all these abilities lie in the efficacy of the process and the skill of the person to tune their brains to read the innumerable messages that are floating around that the normal public cannot comprehend. Also important is the ability to hold your brain in the same frequency level for long intervals whereby the message transaction is complete and comprehensive.
Rome was not built in a day and you cannot expect to get to the highest psychic level the moment you start off. However, this is very much possible and you can get to where you want, if you are keen to get there – with some help. We are here to help you get to the state of extreme sense of paranormal abilities. Our frequency modulators help your brain to tune it to the frequency that is required to get into, to receive and decode these mystic messages. If you try it once, then you would know what a celestial feeling it is to be a psychic like this.

Though there are no complete explanations to these paranormal abilities, there are a lot of places where this skill is being capitalized on and it is definitely an asset if you are able to get yourself to that state. Amidst the hassles of our everyday life this is indeed a new and unheard of experience and will play a vital role in getting your blood pressure and tension levels down. Like they say - you need to see it to believe it, you need to try it to believe it!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Telepathy Development

Telepathy is a generalized term that refers collectively to the reception and transmission of thoughts between minds that does not rely on sensory output in order for information to be exchanged. Of course the five conventional senses are normally used in every day communication on a conscious or subconscious level, but we also utilize another form of communication that directly links one person's mind to another.

Telepathy is divided into several categories and subcategories. The four main focuses of the field of telepathy are deferred, intuitive, emotive, and superconscious telepathy. Deferred Telepathy, also known as "Latent" telepathy is the transmission of information across time as well as space, usually transmitting information into the past to the self or one other. This should not, however, be confused with Precognition and Post-cognition, both of which are used by psychic detectives and is an observation of information coming from another time and/or place. Emotive telepathy is the transmission of sensations (including emotion) across space through an altered state of mind. And finally, superconscious telepathy is the tapping of the mind into the noosphere, or greater collective consciousness of humanity.

The first step toward being able to transmit and receive telepathic impulses is the quieting of the mind in order to allow less of a metaphorical screen between the psychic and the world they wish to perceive. The first important step is to be able to find a place mentally where the consciousness is open to receive images, thoughts, and emotions that have been leaked into the world around them by another either knowingly or unknowingly. This state of mind is sometimes difficult to reach through normal meditative means, as observations indicate the required state of mind is in the Alpha, or highest state of functioning in the mind. Naturally, many find it difficult to think in an Alpha state while undergoing hypnosis. Luckily, our binaural entrainment is specially tuned not only to get you into the Alpha state, but guide you to the exact specific frequency required to both transmit and receive information.

Ideally, the development of Extra Sensory Perception is an ongoing process. If you wish to gauge your natural tendency toward reading the minds of another, you can perform a simple experiment to see your starting point. Have a friend or family member hold an index or playing card with one of five symbols on it. Ensure you cannot see the card, and ideally you should be facing away from them so nothing but psionic energy is influencing your observation of their thoughts. Zener cards, as they're called are a basic tool of measuring psychic energy and traditionally have one of five symbols on them. The five recognizable symbols in Zener cards are a circle, a cross, three parallel wavy lines, a square, and a star. Though Zener cards are most used by parapsychologists, some people use simple playing cards. Statistically you should have a one in five, or 20% chance of guessing the symbols on the cards each time. Guessing the right card more than 20% of the time indicates an already developing psychic talent that could be nurtured into a more powerful tool.

Experiments with Zener cards can begin with small tests (10 declarations of the symbols of random cards, randomizing the deck each time), but more statistically accurate tests may require 50 or even 100 declarations.

If you do not guess more than 20%, you may be dangerously closed off to the thoughts of others, and require psychic development even more. Once you've begun testing your own psychic talent, and implemented our therapy to help this development, you may notice that you are more "open" to the thoughts of friends and family at some times than others. Multiple tests at different times can help gauge when you will need our therapy most. In time you can develop your abilities into a psychic powerhouse.

Thank you for taking a moment to look at our telepathy guide. In time, as telepathy is implemented more, we will all be able to understand one another in ways not limited to simple language.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Explaining Remote Viewing

As the names suggests, remote viewing is the act of viewing or seeing things at a place far away from you without your need to actually be there. It is more like you stay where you are, but view things that happen almost across the globe – weird as it may sound, this remote viewing has been proven as a science and is being used in certain legal and crime departments – where the law makers often take the help of such people who have the capacity of remote viewing to solve a lot of crimes. This ability makes remote viewing more of a science rather than a supra natural phenomenon and hence it has increased the scope of development as well.

To understand how this remote viewing actually works we’ll need to get an understanding of our science knowledge. The whole world revolves around the concept of frequencies and their forces. So, the human brain is also tuned in such a way that it is able to read or perceive these frequencies and act accordingly. Every frequency that it detects it learns or tunes the human body to carry out a particular activity. For example if it detects the beta frequency it realizes that it has to carry out the normal functions. Similarly on detecting the alpha frequency it goes into meditation.

The frequency level for remote viewing is at a mid delta level. Though the human is quite capable of going into the delta level – most of the time that the brain is in the delta level – the body is in deep sleep – so where then will the remote viewing happen? That is why we specifically say that the optimum frequency level for remote viewing is mid delta level where the mind has not gone into slumber but can be activated for the remote viewing.

The ability to get into these different frequencies could be quite easy for trained experts – but how will the normal human brain get so skillful to read all these frequencies and respond to each of these differently? You don’t have to bother about this – simply because we are here to help with our remote viewing binaural recording that will help you tune to these different frequencies and then you can view remotely what you want to view – even if it is something that is happening miles and miles away from your current location.

This recording will start off by getting you into the mid delta range whereby you will be blessed with the opportunity of remote viewing, and will continue to get you into delta followed by low theta – this is a very smooth and tranquil cycle that you will feel no hassles when you are into it. The other must know advantage of this recording is that at the end of this whole session it will end with the alpha frequency – that will promote you to go into a state of complete relaxation. And the best gift that you can give yourself - thanks to our recording is a completely refreshed and relaxed you!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

How the first Christians understood Jesus' resurrection

Easter Sunday represents the foundational claim of Christian faith, the highest day of the Christian year as celebration of Jesus' resurrection. But many Christians are unsure what the claim that Jesus had been raised to new life after being crucified actually means—while non-Christians often find the whole idea of resurrection bemusing and even ridiculous.

These differences over what Jesus' resurrection represents and discomfort with the whole idea are nothing new, however: Christians in the first few centuries also had difficulty embracing the idea of a real, bodily resurrection. Then, as now, resurrection was not the favored post-death existence—people much preferred to think that after dying, souls headed to some ethereal realm of light and tranquility. During the Roman period, many regarded the body as a pitiful thing at best and at worst a real drag upon the soul, even a kind of prison from which the soul was liberated at death. So, it's not surprising that there were Christians who simply found bodily resurrection stupid and repugnant. To make the idea palatable, they instead interpreted all references to Jesus' resurrection in strictly spiritual terms. Some thought of Jesus as having shed his earthly body in his death, assuming a purely spiritual state, and returning to his original status in the divine realm. In other cases, Jesus' earthly body and his death were even seen as illusory, the divine Christ merely appearing to have a normal body (rather like Clark Kent!).

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Top 10 Religious Mysteries and Miracles

1.Marian Apparitions
For centuries, visions of Mary, the mother of Jesus, have been reported around the world. Notable apparitions include: Guadalupe, Mexico (1531); Fatima, Portugal (1917); Lourdes, France (1858); Gietrzwald, Poland (1877); among others.

2.Angel Encounters
Scores of books have been written and countless stories have been told by people who believe they have had personal encounters with beings they say are angels.

3.Ark of the Covenant

The Old Testament book of Exodus describes in detail the box, overlayed with gold, that the Israelites built from God's instructions to contain the broken tablets on which were written the original Ten Commandments. Not only that, God also said, "And there I will meet with you, and I will speak with you ... about everything which I will give you in commandment to the children of Israel."

Incorruptibles are the bodies of saints that miraculously do not decay -- even after decades or even a century or more. The bodies often lie in public view in churches and shrines.

One of the more gruesome and controversial miracles is stigmata, when a person inexplicably is afflicted with Jesus's crucifixion wounds, usually on the palms of the hands and feet. The phenomenon dates back at least to St. Francis of Assisi (1186-1226) and has been claimed by numerous saints since.

6.Weeping and Bleeding Icons

Statues, paintings and other likenesses of Jesus, Mary and saints that appear to weep or even bleed are routinely reported around the world; there are numerous claims every year.

7.Healing Power of Prayer
There is an ongoing debate about the healing power of prayer. One month you'll see an article about an experiment that shows prayer was statistically relavant in healing patients, and the next month another experiment shows that it had no effect whatsoever.

8.Shroud of Turin
No matter how much scientific testing is done to the Shroud of Turin, the results will never be satisfying to everyone.

9.Papal Prophecies
Several Popes of the Catholic Church have not only been the subjects of prophecy, but have also been prophets.

10.Star of Bethlehem

While the faithful accept the New Testament Gospels as fact, religious scholars and scientists often seek a scientific basis for many of the events they describe.

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