Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How To Tap Into The Outrageous Power Of A Psychic Medium

You believe in the incredible power a psychic medium holds don't you? You are already aware that using a psychic medium is a surefire way to get answers to your questions about your life, your career, your family, love, and so on and so forth right? With psychic mediums the wonders and miracles never cease to exist. Day in and day out, magnificent changes can occur in your life. Psychic mediums contact your spirit guide to give you help in time of need. Their psychic abilities are far reaching. What this means for you is that this will be no ordinary online psychic reading. No, not by a long listen very carefully.

Contacting your spirit guide requires a person who is able to channel specific energy from one dimension to the next. This is the main reason a session with a psychic medium is totally different from on line psychic readings. Psychic mediums are experts at interpreting communication from the other side. If your spirit guide is trying to send you a message and you are unsure of what you are feeling, seeing, or sensing, a psychic medium will help you sort it all out. If you want to talk with your spirit guide about something specifically, the right psychic medium can tune into the right frequency and get you the answer you seek.

A psychic medium is more or less your pathway to other side. Since they have the gift of clairvoyance, spirit guides are able to see images in their minds eye that will help you to learn the truth. Through this amazing psychic ability, you'll be better prepared for what is happening in the here and now. Unlike online psychics who's gift is to predict future events, psychic mediums take on the challenge of helping you deal with the here and now. From the very first moment you work with a psychic medium you'll learn how to reconnect. You'll marvel at meeting your spirit guides and angels. You'll be shocked at how your life will be completely transformed. Your health, your relationships, your family, and your children will all be affected through the changes in you.

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Soldier Encounters an Angel !

Do You Believe In Psychic Phenomena?

No longer is psychic phenomena purely based upon faith, wishful thinking, or absorbing anecdotes. In fact, it is not even based on the results of a few basic scientific experiments. Instead, we know that these phenomena exist due to new ways of evaluating massive amounts of scientific evidence that has been collected over a century by dozens of researchers. Psychic phenomena falls into two general categories. The very first involves your perception of objects or events beyond the range of the ordinary senses. The second is using your psychic ability to mentally causing action at a distance.

In both cases, it seems as though your mind's will is able to do things that - according to scientific theories - shouldn't be able to do. You've been affected by psychic phenomena haven't you? Think about a time when you wanted to talk to a loved one and they called or showed up. Or you've wished for healing for someone and somehow they've gotten better even though the two of your were miles and miles away. Mind willing, numerous interesting things appear to be possible.

Understanding psychic phenomena requires a certain level of spiritual awareness. Since primeval times, people have spoken of strange and sometimes profoundly meaningful personal experiences. And these experiences have been (and continue to be) reported by the vast majority of the world's population and across all cultures. This psychic phenomena suggests the presence of deep, invisible interconnections among people and between objects and people. They seem to transcend the usual boundaries of time and space.

In essence, most folks believe in psychic phenomena based on their personal experiences. Although research on psychic phenomena continues to be controversial, due in part to confusion about the term paranormal, it's a view that can hardly be ignored. And in truth, there's never been a better time to learn how to tap into your own psychic ability. Gaining a clear understanding of some of the key components concerning psychic phenomena will put you in the best possible position to begin living consciously and honing your psychic abilities.

A Clear Explanation Of The Role Of The Angel

Rare thinking people like you already know that each angel has a position and role play in our lives here on earth. Let your inner mind shift back to a time when you came out of a horrible situation without a scratch. And you know that is was the power of God - sending his angels to intervene on your behalf. Understand this: Just because there is an order to the population of angels, they are no closer or more significant to God to any other being. Angelic beings are capable of advancing from one level to the next as their good deeds and bodies of experience are measured. Stated a little differently, the more powerful the angel, the higher the order or level.

The angels that most often travel to earth are those who protect us and rescue us from danger. They do not have wings and are busy standing in the gap for us. Arch angels are the image makers. Their badges of honor include not only silver and golden wings, but headdresses and crowns. This is how their progress of moving up the hierarchy is displayed. The more they accomplish, the more silver and gold appear on their wings as the move on to the next level. God uses archangels as his messengers. The most talked about it the Archangel Gabriel who told Mary should would be the mother of Jesus, the son of God.

The next level are the angels that are God's witnesses here on earth. Cherubim and Seraphim are on-site reports for God. The time that they were most visible was when Jesus Christ was born. At the top of the hierarchy are the Thrones and Principalities. No doubt these angels are the most powerful. Thrones are known as the keepers of wisdom. They never travel to our dimension.

Principalities on the other hand are the miracle makers. They do visit us on earth but only with God's exclusive direction and only when a situation is at a catastrophic level. Miracles are born when there is a gathering of Principalities sent from God and their vast power among the angels. So, now you know that there is always help available when you need it. Let your new found awareness open the door to miracles happening in your life.

Friday, March 26, 2010

How Binaural Beats can Help your Meditation

Thanks to the stress and strain that we are putting our bodies to, today most of us are in a compulsion to go in for some relaxation treatments to regain what we lost and meditation is seemingly emerging as the most sought after relaxation treatments. Why do we meditate? We do this to distance ourselves from the current situation and concentrate on nothingness, at least figuratively. When we meditate, on concentrate on this vacuum, we are able to come out of the distressing present and think above all such materialistic things. So, this relieves us of all the pent up stress and makes us feel light.

Though most of us know what meditation means, few realize the technical impact and theory of meditation. The whole world is full of frequencies and these form the backbone of life on this planet. IT is indeed a pity that very few of us understand them though. Going on to explain, we all form part of the Beta frequency during our daily activities. However meditation comes in the Alpha state which is a much more advanced state. This is precisely the reason why most of the people who start meditation are unable to succeed as they find it extremely difficult to get their brains to operate in the Alpha zone.

Even if you are able to fine tune your brain and body to function in the Alpha zone, very soon you will find yourself fluctuating between the Alpha zone and very soon you will reach the Theta zone and then pass into Delta which is the frequency that comes into play when you are asleep. So, the trick lies in holding your brain to operate for a continuous or fixed time frame in the Alpha zone where you will be able to blissfully meditate.

We know all about meditation and the Alpha frequency – so now how do we get into the privileged frequency when we want to. Here were present our Binaural Beat Recordings, that will help you attain your goal. So, you don’t have to bother even if you are new to the world of meditation. You can use our recordings to help you get into the Alpha zone easily. When you start listening to our recording, either over the earphone or through your headset, you will realize that you naturally drop into the Alpha zone and thereby start meditation immediately. Such is the power of our Binaural Beat Recording.

Though there are quite a few classes that are getting conducted – both in person and over the internet, you need to look at what works best before staring these courses. No point in you spending time and money on something that is not going to work for you. That is the advantage of our product as you can get yourself listening to it when you know for a fact that you have enough time at your disposal. You don’t have to travel or spend time in reaching out to your tutor or whoever is training you – so what are you waiting for?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chakra tuning

Yoga and meditation are the mantra of today’s fast paced world. Thanks to the undue tension that every one of us is taking on our heads at our work place and on the domestic front, yoga and meditation are the only sources of peace and tranquility and better living today. So, how do we ensure that we fine tune our frequencies and make the most of the benefits that we can receive through yoga and meditation? How can we do this without spending extra time from our already tight schedules? These are questions that need to be answered and the answer lies below.

The chakra concept is an age old concept that talks about the chakras or the power centers in our body. These power centers are placed in seven different places all across our body right from our head to our toe. These chakras if motivated and kindled produce energy – that proves to be vital for our well being. If these are stimulated properly, we can have a positive outlook to life devoid of any illness or negativities that could arise in life. So how do we motivate these power centers or these so called chakras?

Each of these chakras are stimulated by different frequencies and hence what works for one of them will not work for the others. So, we will need to stimulate each of these chakras at different frequencies if we are to see the desired results. Though this is a complication as we cannot just apply one frequency to all these chakras, we need to realize that nothing is that easy in life. So we need to look at best ways to stimulate all these seven chakras and ensure that we get a good positive bout of energy as a result of such planned and schemed stimulation.

If you set out to get these chakras stimulated on your own, then you might even take a whole life time. So the beauty lies in not just stimulating these chakras, you also need to ensure that you do it pretty fast and regularly if you want to experience the sense of well being as soon as possible. So, is there help at hand? Of course, there is our very own chakra stimulating binaural beats and these will help you achieve what you want to – in a very short span of time.

These chakra stimulating binaural beats act in such a way that they target all the seven chakras by stimulating them by inducing various frequency levels. So these binaural beats provide these variations in the frequency levels that will make all your energy centers work at a stupendous speed. The result is a n absolute flow of energy making you feel ecstatic and energetic and leaving you with a lot more energy than usual. These have absolutely no side effects and once you start using them, you are sure to love them. They have proven results and there are a lot of people out there using these chakra stimulating binaural beats.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Contact Your Spirit Guide: Do You Make These Mistakes?

Do you know that you can literally contact your spirit guide in the blink of an eye? Here's why...the very moment you think a thought, it's transmitted to your spirit guide in the form of energy. Yes, you read that right...they know instantly that you are asking for their help. Right off the bat, spirit guides are aware that you are looking for solutions to specific problems. They are ready, willing, and able to help you through any crisis situation. The only thing you have to do is tune in to their frequency.

Ask yourself the follow questions...

1. Do you believe that specific circumstances must be in place in order to contact your spirit guide?

In truth, there's no special time of day or specific building you must be in to contact your spirit guide. They can hear you from your car. They can hear you from your bedroom. They can hear you while at work. It's all about energy.

2. Are you aware of the way YOU tune into the frequency of spirit guides? The kicker here is to figure out how you naturally receive communication from your spirit guide. We all have this capability. You only need to cultivate your awareness of the way your spirit guide talks with you. Let me show you exactly how this works:

If you can see things happening before they actually happen through an image in your mind's eye, that's considered clairvoyant. If you often notice a warm feeling in your stomach or chills up and down your back, your natural way of communicating with your guide is called clairaudience. And lastly, if you frequently recognize signs and symbols that seem to be directing you in one way or another you are clairsentience.

Spend a few moments thinking back to past situations and remember, if you can, how you were warned that you were headed in the wrong direction. Did you get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, but ignored it? Did you see the end result and when it came to pass it seemed like deja vu? Did you get some sort of sign that stopped you from making a terrible mistake or a sign you wish you had payed attention to? Seriously, give these questions some thought.

3. Do you lack belief that you can contact your spirit guide? Belief is the most important, most basic, most fundamental mistakes people make. You have to believe that you have the power to commune with your spirit guide anytime you want. Belief or faith is simply a thought you continuously think. So, if you live in unbelief, you won't be able to hear when your spirit guides try's to contact you.

Now that you have come to the end of this page, you've got some soul searching to do. It's up to you to determine what your personal beliefs are. You are just as able to contact your spirit guide as the next person. Just spend some time learning how to tap into it.

Learn how to communicate more easily by listening to your Spirit Guide

Major Benefits Of A Past Life Regression

Let's take a closer look at a past life regression and the advantage of finding out who you were in your past life. Consider this awe-inspiring idea...with past life regression hypnosis, you can anticipate staggering life-changing resolutions to your problems. Just imagine what it would be like to have instant access to who you may have been in your past lives.

And what's more, you can make the best of this new found knowledge and revel in the extreme changes that can occur right now, in the present moment. Essentially, past regressions will turn out to be deeply moving experiences that is certain to open your eyes to an altogether fresh approach to thinking and being.

Bear in mind why you have developed an interest in past life regression. Could it be that you are you curious about the effects of past life regression therapy? Perhaps you are hoping to contact your spiritual guide in an attempt to bring more significant meaning into your life?

Whatever your reason for revealing the secrets of your past life, the total benefits will have you embarking on a spiritual transformation different than anything you've ever went through. By uncovering the mystery of your past lives, you'll be free to create every bit of love and happiness you want. You'll find fulfillment in every area of your life. You'll be able to recognize your own worth.

Past life regression hypnosis is an effective way to resolve old, nagging problems. Watch in amazement as your health gets better and your confidence rises. Discover from your past lives how to experience genuine relaxation and peace of mind. Here's your chance to establish greater wealth as well as financial security. You'll be in a position to be, do and have anything you want and desire. But wait...there's more. Imagine taking charge of your life, your body and your future. A past life regression reminds you that you are the only creator of your reality.

In the end, regardless of whether or not you want to fulfill your curious nature or get a richer meaning about your life, a past life regression is rightfully one of the most captivating experiences a person can go through. Accept this invitation to make a positive and constructive change in your life.

Why You Must Live Consciously To Save Your Life

The more you keep reading this article, the more you expect to discover the ease of learning how to live consciously. Because of what I am telling you right now, in this moment, you can begin to rely on the fact that you are one step one closer to attaining and taking on your life purpose. By conscious living you will experience inspiration. You will be in control of your motivation. With creative thought bursts of energy will unfold like never before. Exploring conscious living will help you to free you from harmful relationships.

Right off the bat you can finally experience the kind of life you know you are entitled to. All this comes about when you find out how to live consciously. This is the path to accomplishing financial abundance and distinguishing how to make a truthful contribution as a human being. You will begin to feel that conscious living is fundamental in ending your lifelong struggle and needless suffering. It won't happen overnight, but you can certainly get there with the right guidance. You can imagine the warmth and beauty that accompanies unconditional love and happiness can't you?

In essence, living consciously will give you the courage to follow through and make strides in your own personal development. Let sustaining internal balance be your goal. With a helping hand, you'll learn how to take responsibility for every aspect of your life. Learn to manage your emotions, your relationships, your career, your spiritual beliefs. It's time to get to a place where you understand how to bring your feelings, your thoughts, your actions and skills together so that they are working for your greater good giving you the life you truly desire.

The route to personal development is not paved with goal. It calls for you to take a long, hard look at who you truly are and the habits that have created your condition. You'll need to be unmoving in your patience and be consistence in your practice. Ignore quick fixes. Decide to take consciously living and awareness seriously. Make a commitment. Only then will you get to where you want to be.

As this article concludes, visualize getting a new lease on life as your learn proudly how to live consciously. You will spend a few moments discovering a few incredibly effective ways to achieve quick, outstanding results, right?

High Levels of Consciousness

Revealed! Irresistible Mind Altering Techniques That Have Guided Ordinary People, Step-By-Step, Into Conscious Living

Just picture easily connecting to your spirit guides and courageously following through to a better, more informed life. Now, as every word travels from this page into your subconscious mind, recognize that reaching your higher self is a tremendous personal journey.

It is one that requires both love and trust. In fact, reaching higher levels of consciousness is one of the most valuable skills you could ever acquire. There are so many benefits we can't fit them all on the page, but if you keep reading, you'll learn a magnificent way to speed up the process.

Suffering and struggle is not your purpose. It's time you share and express your creative gifts. You are here to give and receive love in addition to enjoying a deep sense of happiness.

The good news is that there are a few surefire methods to help you get to where you want to be. And, as luck would have it, the resources we'll discuss in the next 2 minutes will unlock a whole new world for you.

Here's what this is all about: Binaural Beat Brainwave Entrainment. Take a closer look at an ingenious gateway to total relaxation and freedom from stress and anxiety. Explore an effortless way to reach an altered state of consciousness that will completely transform your life.
Right off the bat, you can expect stunningly effective results. Now you're probably wondering what binaural beats are. Let me tell you exactly what you need to know: In short, you'll be using these beats to stimulate your brain directly by modifying its operating frequency.

The frequency of the binaural-beat stimulation can cause relaxed, meditative and creative states of altered consciousness. Within in seconds you can reach an amazing state of meditation where you step away from day-to-day pain and suffering and into a comfortable place full of bliss, joy and peace. You would like that wouldn't you?

It's quick to learn and requires no special training. Quite simply, set aside some uninterrupted time to plug in an audio CD and just listen. The brainwave entrainment binaural beats will do all the work.

By exposing your brain to these beats regularly, your brainwaves will become entrained to a certain frequency. As this happens, you will be able to control your state of mind. Can you imagine what this means?
Find your sense of purpose. Revel in limitless energy. Master your emotions. Double your ability to eliminate stress. Rejoice in reaching a high level of consciousness. Discover the motivation that lives inside of you.

When you order and instantly download binaural beats mp3's, you can choose one that will focus on a certain purpose. Quite your mind and listen to your spirit guide. Use this tool to conquer astral projection. Simply and easily jump-start your telepathic skills.
You see, there are so many benefits to mastering the use of this powerful method and making it a permanent, automatic part of your every day life. As each second passes you know you must move forward to a higher level of consciousness.
Go ahead and take this opportunity to live the kind of life you've only dreamed of. You are ready for change aren't you?

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