Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exploring The Different Types Of OBEs

The term ‘Out-Of-Body Experience’ is used as a more broad description which includes all of the different types of conscious experiences that fall under it. It simply describes the perspective of being consciously outside of the physical body. There are however different types of OBEs that can occur, but to explain them we need to understand the concept of our existence on multiple levels. The Universe is not solely the physical realm that we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell. It is made up of differentlevels of reality. These levels are known as the planes of existence.

The body is also much more than the physical part, and it is these other parts which enable us to interact with the higher planes of existence during life and to continue to survive there after physical death. These levels are connected to each other and to the planes of existence through energy fields or
conduits called ‘chakras‘. Just as the planes vibrate at different levels, so do the chakra energy centers and they can be seen or sensed as different color emenations.

The seven chakra centers when in balance are thought to provide a free flow of the life energy in us all.They influence health, well being, emotions, and help form a connection to the nonphysical world as well. That is why chakra balancing exercises are often performed before attempting to induce an Out-Of-Body Experience.

The projection of the consciousness to different planes of existence and interacting using the body’scorresponding nonphysical parts called ‘subtle bodies’ is what makes up the different types of Out-Of-Body Experiences. Some of the planes are accessible through an OBE, while others are very much above our limit of reach. There is said to be seven steps back to God or creation, and so there are seven planes
of existence, and also seven chakra energy centers; Seven really IS a magickal number!

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