Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Mental Plane & Projection

The next plane above the Astral Plane, is called the Mental Plane. It is a plane full of rainbows of vivid colors. It would be an impossible task to try and rationalize this place. This plane as can be described from its name and is full of thoughts, dreams, and ideas, which are manifested as real objects. Those who find themselves here could be traveling through and witnessing their own thoughts, or the thoughts of others. It is a place of peace and utter bliss.

The Mental plane is divided into two parts, the Lower Mental Plane and the Higher Mental Plane. Since the Lower Mental Plane overlaps the Astral Plane, they can often be confused for one another. The boundary between the Lower and Upper Mental planes is also the boundary of what is referred to as the Lower Self and the Higher Self.

Time here is distorted even more than it is in the Astral Plane and it is possible to see future or past events. The Mental Plane is harder to reach than the previous two, but nonetheless it is achievable during an Out-Of-Body Experience. Traveling to and above the Mental Plane, is referred to as Mental Projection, the third and last type of Out-Of-Body Experience.

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