Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OBE Fears And Overcoming Them

Probably the largest obstacle to overcome while learning conscious projection is fear. There are several reasons for this and the root of the problem goes back to what we were taught as a society, beginning straight on from childhood.

Some of the common fears:
*Not being able to get back,
*Encountering negative entities,
*Demonic or Spirit Possesions,
*Fears of Death,
*Fears of the unknown.

The Facts:

Many people have experienced conscious OBEs all of their lives with no negative effects,It is believed that we OBE every night anyway, but just do not remember it consciously,The vast majority of experiencers try to do it again, For some it is proof of life past physical death!

Some ways to combat irrational fears:Through nightly positive affirmations that you will overcome your fears, Through knowledge of the facts presented above, And Through Faith!

Here is an affirmation that you can recite every night before you go to sleep:

"I am a spiritual being and so I exist beyond my physical shell. I will not fear that which is a part of me."

Imagine millions of tiny strands wound together, infinately stretchable, carrying the precious cargo of your energy scource, nurturing you while in this physical existence. Some describe it as being silver and shimmering, and maybe even translucent. This is what connects you to you physical body while you are
projecting.This cord can not be severed while out-of-body and only loses its connection to the physical when death occurs.

You may or may not see it during a projection and whether or not you do is normal, however know that it is always there! If you want to look for it while out-of-body, look behind you. It will be connected to the base of your skull.

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