Thursday, June 24, 2010

How To OBE Almost Every Morning

This is a very easy and effective technique that doesn't involve any mental skills or discipline. When I first began trying it, it was 80% effective to send me out of body over a two week testing period.

Rhythm napping is basically the 'wake-back-to-bed' or 'interrupted sleep' methods on steroids. All you have to do is confuse your body into the "mind awake/body asleep" state by alternating falling asleep and waking up in the morning. The morning is the best time to do this because your melatonin/DHEA ratio is optimal.

It is important to follow this technique to the letter! The times when I didn't exit were when I was trying to tweak something. The 4/8/12 minute, etc. intervals below are crucial.

The biggest difficulty people have doing this method is in either not being able to fall asleep again once they get up, or in not being able to wake up when the timer goes off. However, if they are able to get past those two hurdles they almost always have some kind of unusual experience,ranging from feeling the vibrations for the first time, on up to having their first OBE.

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