Monday, June 7, 2010

Using Movement To Get Out Of Body

I am always constantly reading books about projection, and other methods, that I may use to further develop my ability to leave my body at will. One method that I have come very close to getting out of body with, on numerous occasions is the movement method. The trick is to imagine that something is moving you either in a swaying motion, or some type of motion that you can easily get used to the feel of. Once you can easily imagine the feel of that motion, let yourself drift off to sleep, and think of nothing but how that motion feels. A good example would be the swaying sensations that Bob Peterson induces in his book. Swaying is very effective, especially if you are someone who lives by the ocean and you are out in the waves a lot. Being in the waves for a short time can cause a sort of after-effect after you have gotten out of the ocean.

Later when you go to bed you can focus on the effect, and induce the sensation all over again,and make it as strong as you like. This method is very powerful, and can nearly throw you out of body if it is directed correctly. Another good movement is jumping, or going up and down. I find that a trampoline is a good example of movement that if concentrated on long enough while going to sleep, it will cause you to get out of body. I usually start out by imagining that I'm jumping on a trampoline and with ever bounce I imagine myself going a little bit higher. After a while your consciousness gets farther and farther away from your body and you begin to feel more separated. If you focus on jumping or swaying movements long enough, I'm sure they could lead to a projection. I've gained the paralysis and vibrations on numerous occasions by doing the imagined movements.

By Doppleganer

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